10A Sobo Siffre Road, Arowojobe Estate, Maryland.

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About De Grand Elites
Dynamic Signature Club

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De Grand Elites Dynamic Signature Club

De Grand Elites Dynamic Signature Club is an elite association of friends formed basically to ameliorate the challenges experienced by downtrodden and the weak in our society.
As a charitable organization, De Grand Elites Cynamic Signatures Club is mindful of the necessity of putting smiles on faces of the needy and touching lives through interventions in humanitarian activities geared towards making our society a better one.

Hospitals, Education, Women Empowerment,
Youth Empowerment,
Community Development

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the foremost clubs in the world known for making positive impacts and touching lives

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and mobilize strong partnerships in the public and private sectors to make more resources to help the downtrodden and helpless members of society

Our Core Values


We believe in team work
so we take advantage of each other's strength to achieve our objectives.


We are like a family and we are loyal to one another. It is our commitment to be there for one another at all time


We don't turn a blind eye to the challenges of our members and the less privilege in society.

Problem Solving

We don't just see challenges we put our minds and our efforts to get a solution to the best of our ability

Trust in God

We recognize that all that we are came from God, and we put all our trust in him to acheive our dreams and goals


We believe the greatest help we can give is to empower those around us so we are strongly committed to all kinds of human capital development